Being Antonia


I’m incredibly excited to finally share this! The speech I gave at the 100th Anniversary Celebration of My Antonia in Red Cloud has been published in the Willa Cather Review!

Download to read the full essay here, or purchase a copy for $5 here. Also consider donating to the wonderful Willa Cather Foundation.

I’m so thankful the life changing opportunity to speak these words in front of an audience came along

Marathon Read of My Antonia -- Willa Cather Foundation

I participated in a marathon read of the novel My Antonia. I read the “Peter and Pavel” section of the book and appear in the video at around 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Check out the video here.

Check out all the wonderful things the Willa Cather Foundation is doing to celebrate and invest in literature here.

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The Decisions You Make And The Ones You Don't -- Motherly

This is a piece I wrote about the pressures of weight and size as a woman—even a pregnant woman. It is posted here under its original title, though the editors at Motherly changed it before it was published.

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Find the full piece here.

Check out Motherly’s full site here.

63rd Annual Willa Cather Spring Conference


The 63rd annual Willa Cather Spring Conference celebrated 100 years since the publication of Willa Cather's novel, My Ántonia.

I was a special guest speaker with my father, acclaimed Nebraska author, Roger Welsch.

I spoke about my experience growing up with the name Antonia, and how those early influences changed the course of my life's path. I was also a panelist at The Passing Show which discussed "My Ántonia and the Modern Global Midwest.'

Find more information about the important work the WIlla Cather Foundation does here